Amin Shojaei
Multidisciplinary Artist

The environmental Artist and the gardener both can be connection maker within their surroundings. Gardener weaves a resilient natural web of biologic connections within boundary of the garden to nourish life.
My approach in art is to find some critical miss connections and repair them to makes changes on ecosystem and the social brain. I work on plant based bio-materials as an environmental solution in my fabrication laboratory.
Design of materials, drawings or installations, have same process for me which is observation, representation or making a medium for interconnection of life layers. I try to be a pragmatic artist via superposition of mediums and materials to help environment as a healer or protector.

Born in 1986 Amin Shojaei is a multidisciplinary scienceartist who investigates the damaged net of life and how it may be connected tohuman being and his life. He has an ongoing project to plant 10 million treesin Hyrcania and Zagros forests ,He also manages and works in his lab to produce Biomaterials for different aspects of design and packaging. He studies betweenarchitecture ,bio materials ,design and environmental activism.

In One of his set of works he studies trees and its leavesas a medium, he had made installations in “villefranche sur saone” in France andRishe 29 gallery and studied tree as a medium in which the air could flow ,Treeare considered as an organism which can connect the empty space to thematerial. In his last exhibition in Aran gallery he remodeled a livingarchitectural historic entrance of Iranian architecture, named “Mogharnas” via3D printer.

“Mogharnas” is an entrance to the architecture which acts asa corridor to connect inside to outside. natural elements and geometric formslike palm branches were used to bring the soul of nature into the architectureand also a transitional quality between lranian “Bagh” and the building ,heinterprets  it  s a medium to bring the Iranian “Bagh” intolife. In his art pieces ,Mushrooms is used in a biological transformationprocess to show the historic change of Iranian culture ,the change of time informs was re-modeled by growth of mycelium .Mycelium as has the ability tothink via growth in its substrate and this quality gives it the ability tosense the space via its own sensors.it transforms the material and changes thequality of matter. Destruction and re construction via fungal micro organismsgives a transitional quality to artwork which is found in nature in other formslike plants, fossils, moss, lichen or even river stone beds. He has d different painting and installation exhibitions andart sets but two of them are more significant recently ,In one is his sets ofdesigns which started in 2015 and the other one is designs from oceanic rocksfrom 2017 to 2020.He uses a poetic language in his paintings and drawings andthese two series had been worked on paperboard and straw matting base.

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