forestation project

Neuro-vironment platform :

“Neuro-vironment” is an artist run platform for re-defining the relation between human and land .We use multidisciplinary science and art to create environmental art projects for making realistic steps to redefine the ecosystem. Our current Art project moves between disciplines of philosophy , satellite data mapping, climate change, reforestation and ecology , we decided to continue in this field as our main interest and focus point.

We collaborate with freelance artists ,software developers ecologists and curators for collaborative projects , talks and research programs.

The “neurovironment” was found by “Amin Shojaei” in 2017 with some site specific arts and in 2020 The project is about forestation of 10 million trees in iran has been started as a long term project with multi-disciplinary approach to increase carbon stock and save the planet via establishing a company for this project: www.aapaam.net.

In long term forestation project we restore forest and its ecosystem via cleaning the soil from plastics, preserving the planted area, research to plant local species of trees and bushes.

This biological fabric is an interwoven network which links an array of lives and thoughts; however, humans have destroyed its biological essence by dismantling parts of this mesh. How can the artist mend this torn mesh and reactivate the biological layers? In this platform, the relationship between framework and surroundings and the way the life can lead to action and interaction.